Please join me on a journey into the Deep State to learn how America lost its way and how we can restore the United States to a country of, by, and for we, the people.

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1. THE FULL COURT PRESS: The United States changed forever on September 11, 2001 after terrorists struck the Twin Towers and Pentagon. For background, I interviewing leading neoconservatives, prominent television and print journalists who covered the Pentagon, State Department, Congress, and the White House, along with representatives from PR firms and spokesmen for the Defense Department to learn first hand how the Bush Administration managed the narrative surrounding the ensuing War on Iraq and War on Terrorism to achieve its foreign policy objectives. Control was tightening on the media to reinforce a false narrative.  Journalists took stock of this shameful era of media-White House relations, promising next time to be more rigorous, neutral, and critical in their reporting to keep the American people informed as Guardians of the Fourth Estate. This was a promise few were able to keep. The powers that be simply wouldn't let them. (FOREWORD BY SENIOR CBS FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT TOM FENTON.)

2. LYNCHED! After the media's disgraceful coverage of the War on Terrorism and inadequacy in evaluating the reasons for going to war, which had been based upon misleading intelligence reports, the media succumbed to yet another false narrative -- this time over FBI Director Robert Mueller prosecution of Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff over having exploited Native American clients and attempted to acquire a casino in a deal that was allegedly rife with fraud. In what became the most high profile and extensive corruption scandal to shake Capitol Hill, Abramoff, as this book reveals, was felled through a scandal manufactured in Indian Country by rival lobbyists and driven through the media with the help of friendly PR firms. The question is why. This book is based upon hundreds of primary and secondary sources along with references from thousands of original documentation retrieved from the Indian tribes and courts.

3. THE TRIBES THAT ROCKEFELLER BUILT: A number of high profile scandals -- Enron, Abramoff, Ted Stevens, among others -- had origins in Indian Country. Unbeknownst to the American people, America's federally recognized Indian tribes had been established by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to project European social democracy into the United States. The hundreds of federally recognized tribes that were scattered through out the United States tied into America's intelligence and defense communities and were lucrative markets for defense contractors, energy companies, and casinos and provided opportunities for the politically connected to cash in on entitlement programs and the other government-subsidized schemes while helping elites launder money, shield their assets from taxes, build vast financial empires on the taxpayers' dime, and capitalize their businesses with public money, including the merger and acquisitions departments of the major investment banks. Many of the disastrous policies that would afflict America had their origins in Indian Country, as this book reveals.

4. THE UNITED CHURCH OF HEIST: I was raised, baptized, and confirmed in the United Church of Christ, an amalgamation of the Congregational, Evangelical, and Reformed Churches. My grandfather, Judge William C. Dixon, authored the UCC Constitution. The UCC is the original church of the Pilgrims and provided the spiritual foundation for the underground railroad that freed the slaves during the Civil War and whose affiliated French Huguenots provided haven for Jews persecuted by Nazis. Yet this same church, which is wrongly maligned by conservative commentators, has lost its way. How did the church of the Pilgrims transform into a church of community organizers? As this book reveals, the church had succumbed to the ecumenical movement led by the National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches to support a United Nations-led new world order.   (This book was excerpted in Capital Resource Center's Organizational Trends.)

5. THE SHADOW DRAGON: Overnight, America's multinationals were relocating to China to tap into cheap labor, resulting in a loss of America's manufacturing base. What's going on? As this book reveals, a plan was hatched at the Yalta Conference at the end of World War II to transform the United States into a bankrupt welfare state and elevate Communist China into leader of the Rockefeller-led new world order. This book shows how the nation's elite political classes and successive Administrations forged policy with this end game in mind. The plan was driven by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who had built the post-war international order to consolidate the world's wealth and power into their own hands and to enrich their multinationals with public funds. As President, Hillary Clinton was to preside over the collapse of the United States and rise of China, but something happened along the way. Donald Trump took her place and rapidly reversed course, pulling the country back from the precipice!

6. THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION: For centuries, the Rothschilds international banking family has aspired to rule the world by consolidating the world's wealth within its own hands. Facing sharp resistance from Americans, the Rothschilds provided the nation's robber barons with the money, strategies, and support to take over the nation's industry and financial system. They launched wars, collapsed economies, oppressed humanity, and drove revolutions in a relentless quest to rule the world. Most notably, they were behind the world's Communist Revolutions, including the Bolshevik Revolution in Russian in which they hoped to use to seize control of Russia and transform the United States so that it could comfortably merge with Russia. Eventually the Russians wrestled free from Rothschild and Rockefeller control and purged the Bolsheviks whom the Rockefellers had placed into positions of power only to be betrayed by them. After a quiet coup d'etat, the Bolsheviks -- and their fellow Zionists -- wrestling for control of the United States to impose a satanic dictatorship on the country that would end in nuclear war for Russia and the United States -- a fate they planned to survive through underground bases and secret underground cities. Yet, elite plans for the United States were still born as Russia was in command of superior technology that ensured its preeminence in the world. While elites scream about Russian conspiracies, the Russians are quietly dismantling the new world order while building a Belt and Road Initiative with China to forge a new global economic order, one that would support rather than oppress humanity. The Russians are also busily throwing wrenches in Bolshevik/Zionist war plans,  particularly their efforts to strike Iran, which had been slated decades ago as the theatre from which nuclear war would start.  The Russians are also behind public disclosures of hidden technologies to help humanity realize its God-given potential and explore the heavens instead of destroying earth. This book provides the clarity and background needed to understand the factions competing for control of the United States; it also provides assurances that the patriots are indeed in control of the country, accounting for why the elites are panicking. While Trump is a Zionist, he will not allow war on his watch. 

Thank you to all my wonderful readers! I appreciate your kind, supportive feedback and am glad to know that my books have been a source of encouragement and made a difference in your lives. Please feel free to write with any questions or concerns. I will do my best to respond to emails. May God bless you, your families, and the United States!


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